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Published: 26th October 2011
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Ok, I'm very excited to make this review. I just purchased Nose magic and I am beginning to observe enormous difference. All of it started after I seek for products as to make my nose a little thinner that I came to discover nose magic. At first I used to be very skeptical also I do not know what to think. But when you browse their webpage, just google "Nose Magic", it in fact looks professional and factual. The company have this awesome chat with their customer support. I chatted with a man named Yuki and they're very sincere and he swayed me so, I ordered one.

Shipping was fast. The nose reshaper was from Japan and I'm living here in Los Angeles. I was delivered fourteen days to be correct. It just arrived. It was within a brown package with Japanese stamps and local stamps. I elatedly opened it. The nose reshaper was within a tiny plastic. No instructional guidebook but there exists a piece of paper that says "Visit for instructions."

I used the tool religiously. The company propose thirty minutes a day for 2 weeks. I am presently in my first 7 days and I've observed my nose is smaller, pointier and the large hump on top of my nose bridge is minimized, not yet disappeared nevertheless it's going there. Though I greatly suggest you put it on it at night for the reason that after using it, your nose is red and its hideous if you go out with red nose. However after a short period it will become normal and your nose will be more smaller, sharper and slenderer. I truly like this device.

Funny idea is that on occasion, I forgot that the item is on my nose and I accidentally go out forgeting that it was placed my nose. The nose magic is outrageous. It feels resembling a medical tool. Additionally, after putting on Nose Magic you will see that your nose is immediately slenderer. I inquired their customer representative if the result is permanent they said that I need to use the device for one month constantly for the outcome to turn out to be permanent. They said that its best that I use the device after a lukewarm shower that's the reason I take a bath before sleeping and set the device for thirty minutes while reading stories, books or magazines. At times I just wear it while browsing the net. Very comfortable and effective. They recommend never to wear it overnight I just dont know the reason behind that. Perhaps sleeping could harm the device or a bit like that.

What I did not love regarding the nose reshaper is that it has no box or guide, although the product looks awesome, I was expecting that it is boxed complete with guide since it was from Japan. Even so, as long as it is doing it's task I actually do not mind. I am now in the first week and I am going to place updates here on my site on the second and third weeks. I will keep you updated.

So far so good! If you want a better nose, well, this item is without doubt for you. Just be vigilant of the fake version nose magics on ebay and over the internet. Obtain from their website just to make certain. It costs about fifteen bucks and it really is certainly worth every cent. See you guys next week for my new update.

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